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Bill is fantastic!  Truly a one stick wonder. I have tiny, rolling veins.  I usually have anxiety attacks before blood draws because of horrible experiences in the past. While I was explaining to Bill, he assured me that he located the vein and it wouldn’t be a problem. He not only located the vein with ease, he did it painlessly. He’s a true professional.

T. Mitchell

T. Mitchell

This was my first time using Hunt Medical Services, and it was an absolute pleasure. Bill Hunt was very well organized, did a painless insertion of a butterfly needle and positioned it in such a way that the needle remained steady in my vein as he filled multiple tubes. He was friendly and efficient. I truly appreciate his experience and professionalism, and will call on him again the next time I require an in home blood draw.

D. McBrien

Dayton, MD

D. McBrien

Bill Hunt is an extremely competent phlebotomist, and is most willing to do all he can to accomadodate our needs.  When my wife is unable to get to the hospital or doctor’s office, it is so nice to be able to call Bill Hunt to have her blood drawn at home for a much needed test. And, he always finds a vein. Highly recommended!

R. Sant

Washington, DC

R. Sant

I was really happy when Bill Hunt took my blood at my home because it was painless. I told him that it was the best draw I ever had! I plan on using Hunt Medical Services in the future whenever I need my blood drawn. A job well done!


Steven Rovery

S. Rovery

I have been using Bill Hunt with Hunt Medical Services, Inc. for years to draw my blood work conveniently at home.

As a physician in the medical community I appreciate his professional approach.  He is extremely punctual and technically

excellent in his blood draw.  I highly recommend his services without any hesitation.

Bradford Kleinman, MD

Dr. B. Kleinman

I applied for a new life insurance policy. Mr. Hunt was very flexible in scheduling the history and lab work in my home. The venipuncture was actually painless and very well done. I had no bruising and was very satisfied with the experience.


S. Smigocki, M.D.

Dr. S. Smigocki

Hunt Medical Services is great!  Bill was on-time, professional and courteous. I needed to have labs done for an insurance test, and Bill made the process easy. He did the testing in the comfort of my home. He was quick, efficient and skilled. I highly recommend using Hunt Medical Services if you want an easy and efficient testing process.

Dr. H. S. Hectman

H. Hectman, DPT

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