Who Uses Mobile Phlebotomy Services?

Mobile phlebotomy may not only be more convenient for patients, it also could be necessary! But who exactly are the people who are using mobile phlebotomy services?

Employers with Wellness Programs

Companies that offer wellness programs often have mobile phlebotomists come to the office to administer blood tests on the employees who have opted into the wellness program. This gives employees a chance to get a better picture of their personal health without having to take time out of their workday or cut down their free time during the weekend. It also allows the employers to get a better picture of the overall health of their employees.

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Busy Workers

Even if they aren’t enrolled in a wellness program, some workers are likely too busy to make a stop at a hospital or testing center for necessary bloodwork. If you’re extremely swamped all the time with your job or other responsibilities, having a phlebotomist come to you could be the service you need to make sure you stay healthy and productive.

Parents of Young Children

If you have kids, you know how difficult it can be to take them… Well, anywhere! Finding childcare or carting your children along to a lab or hospital might be too much of a hassle. Having someone come to you for required tests or for when you want to learn more about your health can be a lifesaver when young kids are in the picture.

High-Profile Patients

Some individuals may not be able to go to a lab or hospital because of the attention it could grab. You may be a politician, actress or actor, radio personality, or professional athlete. If this is the case, you’re probably better off saving yourself the hassle of going out in a very public space and instead having the tests administered in the privacy of your home.

Privacy Lovers

You don’t have to be famous to want a little privacy when it comes to your health care. Many people would just rather have their healthcare done in a more comfortable setting without strangers present. If this is more your speed, hiring a mobile phlebotomist would be a great decision.


Whether in a nursing home, hospice, or simply unable to leave their home, elderly patients can greatly benefit from the convenience of mobile phlebotomy services. These people often need more frequent testing and trips to the hospital or testing center can be exhausting or even impossible depending on their condition.

People with Severe Illnesses

Sometimes an illness may completely take away your ability to even get to a testing center or hospital for regular testing, or maybe your illness requires frequent trips that become tiring or difficult to find transportation to. Cancer, diabetes, pulmonary edema, and severe iron deficiencies are just a few of the conditions that might warrant a necessity for mobile phlebotomy services.

Professional Mobile Phlebotomy Services in MD & VA

Mobile phlebotomy services are the perfect solution for a large variety of patients. If you think that you or your business could benefit from mobile phlebotomy services, contact Hunt Medical today. We look forward to helping you take charge of your health!

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