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Who Uses Mobile Phlebotomy Services?

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Mobile phlebotomy may not only be more convenient for patients, it also could be necessary! But who exactly are the people who are using mobile phlebotomy services? Employers with Wellness Programs Companies that offer wellness programs often have mobile phlebotomists come to the office to administer blood tests on the employees who have opted into the wellness program. This gives employees a chance to get a better picture of their personal health without having to take time out of their workday or cut down their free time during the weekend. It also allows the employers to get a better picture…

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What Is Biometric Screening?

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Biometric screening is becoming a popular method to help individuals become more aware of their health, especially in corporate settings. Many companies feel a sense of duty to the well-being of their employees, and are hiring companies to help assess needs in the workplace. These assessments are often tied with a new company health policy and sometimes include incentives to encourage employees to participate. But what kind of information is being collected, and how? What are companies doing with this information to benefit their employees? According to the CDC, a biometric health screening is defined as “the measurement of physical…

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