Mobile Blood Draw Services in Maryland

Here are some of the many labs we work with:

  • Spectracell Labs
  • Immuno Labs
  • Genova Labs
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • LabCorp Labs
  • Gallaxy Lab
  • Alon Labs
  • Myriad Labs
  • Cleveland Heart
  • Nova Labs
  • Elisa/Act Labs
  • Igenex labs
  • Meridian Valley Lab

What is included in the at-home test?

If you have been provided with a kit for specialized laboratory testing, follow the collection procedures for at home collection. Your kit contains forms, instructions and supplies.

Inside the specimen kit provided you will find:

  • Specimen collection and preparation instructions
  • Specimen collection supplies
  • Prepaid shipping envelope
  • Shipping Instructions (we take care of shipping the specimens to the appropriate labs)

If your kit comes with a freezer pack, please put the freezer pack in the freezer in advance so it will be cold when your specimen is collected.

Fees may vary depending on service area and specimen handling.

How do I prepare for my lab draw?

Please be sure to fill out the patient information, insurance and payment portion of the lab slip. Read the test preparation instructions inside the kit. Also, make a copy of your health insurance card to send with the specimen for billing health insurance.

Please note: ALL lab draws require orders from health care providers.

You can always call us at 301-674-2093 if you have any questions with preparing for the lab test.

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